Hello everyone, do you know that Truman College offers photography classes’ trough their Continuing Education Department? That’s right; you do not need to sign up for credit classes if you only want to learn photography or how to edit your photos in Photoshop.

All class runs for 7 weeks and are offered continuously all year long. 

To see the current schedule press this link Classes.

There are several different classes that you can choose from: 

The class runs for 7 weeks and is offered twice in the Spring, Summer classes and also twice in the Fall.

Beginners Photography. this class is designed to teach you all you need to know about photography and your camera. (Yes, these two subjects are two different things.)  Unfortunately, cameras come with a 300-page manual so you can use them properly. In this class, you will learn that reading the manual is not needed to truly learn photography. You will learn about the camera, lenses, flash, filters, composition and much, much more. You can either use a digital or a film camera for this class.

Studio lighting class. In this class, you will learn how to use automatic or dedicated flashes as well as professional studio lighting. It is designed to teach you how to create amazing photos using flash units placed away from the camera triggered by using very inexpensive control units; you will learn about different types of light and how to create cinematic looking photos.  We try to have a model for every class and for this purpose we look for people interested in modeling. We exchange photos for their time as we cannot pay the models (no budget!). Every class is practice, practice and of course learning.

Darkroom Photography. You probably have read about some of the great masters of photography, well guess how they learn? With film of course! Learning how to use a film camera and then how to develop and print the film the way Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and many other great masters did, is just awesome.

Photoshop. If you prefer to spend your time in front of a computer or screen editing your photos, this class is for you. Most people don’t know that their cameras capture images in .jpg format, which is actually the worst format! This format was not created to give you the best image but rather it was created to reduce the size and resolution of your photos so you can post them in social media o send by email. But your Digital DSLR can capture images in RAW format which is non-destructive and will give you the best file to edit. You also learn the principals of photo restoration and other things like replacing the sky in your photos. This is all for beginners and not for advanced students.

To register for any of these classes, just call Truman College at 773-907-4440. Laura Smith will help you register over the internet.